a.1.Small; diminished; diminutive.
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1 mm long, antheroids white, diminute, inconspicuous; capsule brown to dark brown ovoid to narrowly ovoid, slightly trigonous, 5-7 mm long, 2-3 mm in diameter, glabrous, reflexed; seeds brown to reddish-brown, fusiform, ca.
The staminodes range from diminute and filiform to very well developed with the appearance of sterile anthers, in some cases containing few pollen grains.
5-6 cm tall), flexuous rachises, and diminute, flabelate pinnules (2-3 mm long) each with only one sorus on the distal side.
However defective, everything said and written is true, the Other says to Angela:</p> <pre> Omnia quae ibi scripta sunt vera sunt et non est ibi unum aliquid Mendaciter dictum, sed erant magis plena multum vel magis plene multum; et defectuose est dictum et quod scriptor scripserat diminute vel cum defectu.
If you want to say Ravelstein is Bloom -- fine; but in so doing you diminute that mysterious process of filtering and re-imagining that is the essence of sleight-of-pen.