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n.1.a small boat propelled by oars or sails, used in the East Indies, in sheltered waters.
2.a small boat intended to be used as a tender or lifeboat, carried or towed by a ship. It may be propelled by oars, sail, or a motor.
3.a small boat of shallow draft with cross thwarts for seats and rowlocks for oars with which it is propelled.
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It has hitherto been supposed that the four men who were in the dingey perished, but this is incorrect.
But in the first place I must state that there never were four men in the dingey,--the number was three.
Chaffers took the dingey and went up two or three miles further, where she also grounded, but in a fresh-water river.
There are seven boats aboard, the captain's dingey, and the six which the hunters will use.
When the Riversiders finally emerged on to the still dingey outfield, the task in hand was for the tail to help Phil Mustard extend their 210-run lead as far as possible.
Yn fuan iawn mae'r olwyn ddwer anferth yn dod i'r golwg yn y pellter, dros 25 troedfedd ar draws a wedi ei gwneud gan Dingey a'i Fab, Truro, Cernyw.
Hardy was interested in recording the modest lives of the villagers and their cottage interiors - sometimes with frustrating results, as in the comic The Dismayed Artists (also in Wolverhampton) in which the artists are horrified to arrive at a dingey cottage they have started painting to discover that the lady of the house is whitewashing it.
The band's first tour was hardly glamorous - they all recall having objects thrown at them in dingey venues.
His story retells some 30 hours of exposure, rowing, and suffering before the small dingey capsized on the breakers, forcing the four to swim a half mile to shore at Daytona Beach.
Initially, the correspondent finds the dingey to be overmatched by waves which were "most wrongfully and barbarously abrupt and tall" He soon discovers that any particular wave mastered was not "the final outburst of the ocean, the last effort of the grim water"; it is only a wave and soon there will be another.
It wasn't long ago that bathing products were decidedly institutional in appearance and bathing areas tended to be dark and dingey.