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n. Greek Mythology
One of the Greek heroes of the Trojan War.


(ˌdaɪəˈmiːdiːz) ,




1. (Classical Myth & Legend) a king of Argos, and suitor of Helen, who fought with the Greeks at Troy
2. (Classical Myth & Legend) a king of the Bistones in Thrace whose savage horses ate strangers


(ˌdaɪ əˈmi diz)

a Greek hero in the Trojan War.
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Then we shall approve such language as that of Diomede in Homer,
But Achilles slept in an inner room, and beside him the daughter of Phorbas lovely Diomede, whom he had carried off from Lesbos.
10 DIOMEDE ISLANDS, RUSSIA/ AMERICA These two islands in the Bering Straits are where the Russian bear practically rubs noses with the American eagle, and where yesterday is just a stone's throw away.
The author relates the story of relations between Alaska and the Russian Far East during the final years of the Soviet Union and the citizen diplomats who cooperated in efforts like reuniting Native peoples in Alaska and Russia who had been separated by the Cold War, a musical tour, joint ventures, helping trapped whales, a swim between the Diomede Islands, the Bering Bridge Expedition, defection, trade missions, flights to the Soviet Union, cultural and educational exchange, and AlaskaAaAaAeAaAa American Russian Center.
Between eastern Russia and the western edge of Alaska sit two small islands: Big Diomede and Little Diomede.
Two islands, Russia's Big Diomede and America's Little Diomede, have less than 4 kilometers of water between them.
LITTLE DIOMEDE, ALASKA: The Cold War comprised three highly symbolic frontiers - Europe's Iron Curtain, the Bamboo Curtain in Asia, and the lesser known Ice Curtain marking the border between the United States and the Soviet Union.
Erickson's second contract with the US Department of Transportation will continue to provide weekly, year-round helicopter service for one year to people and cargo between Nome, Wales, and Little Diomede in Western Alaska.
The second contract with the US Department of Transportation will continue to provide weekly, year-round helicopter service to people and cargo between Nome, Wales and Little Diomede, Alaska for one year.
Bernard Diomede will largely be remembered for his misfire spell at Liverpool under Gerard Houllier between 2000 and 2003, where he was brought to Anfield on the back of picking up a World Cup winners' medal with France in 1998.
Using tailor-made flippers, Philippe Croizon finished his quest by crossing between the US island of Little Diomede and Great Diomede in Russia, joining Asia and the Americas, the BBC reported.