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n.1.(Zool.) A genus of large sea birds, including the albatross. See Albatross.
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2014: Individual consistency and sex differences in migration strategies of Scopoli's shearwaters Calonectris diomedea despite year differences.
Egg-mass gel of Melanochlamys diomedea (Bergh) protects embryos from low salinity.
Objectives : The LIFE PonDerat project aims to: Eradicate and control alien animal species (such as rodents and feral goats) in order to restore island habitats (6220*, 3170*, 5320, 5330, 1240) and communities and improve the breeding performances of native species (mainly Calonectris diomedea and Puffinus yelkouan); Fence off key land plots on Zannone island in order to exclude wild alien animals (mouflons) and to restore habitats of Community interest (9340); Eradicate invasive alien plant species (Carpobrotus spp.
Le Puffin cendre Calonectris diomedea diomedea, etat des connaissances et de conservation actualise des populations nicheuses des petites lles de Mediterranee.
Those species were: Cory's shearwater, Calonectris diomedea; Tristan albatross, Diomedea dabbenena; wandering albatross, D.
un'ampia tradizione letteraria che comprendeva, accanto alia Diomedea di Iullo Antonio, l'anonimo carme de bello Actiaco, le tragedie di Sempronio Graeco e, secondo il parere di Syme, la prima edizione dell'Ars amandi di Ovidio, che costituisce, non a caso, uno dei duo crimina del poeta relegato (86).
The first appearance of the new spelling--as transferred from the pelican by way of the frigate-bird to the great Diomedea exulans of the South Seas--is in Cook's Voyages of 1769: that is to say, less than thirty years before Coleridge's composition of the poem.
Clado Familia Genero Estaecie Cephalaspidea Bullidae Bulla punctulata aspersa striata Cylichnidae Scaphander cylindrellus Aplysiomorpha Aplysudae Aplysia juliana lessoni Dolabrifera dolabrifera Sacoglossa Juludae Julia thecaphora Placobranchidae Elysia diomedea Umbraculida Umbraculidae Umbraculum umbraculum Euctenidiacea Chromodorididae Glossodoris baumanni Hypselodoris agassizii Dendrodorididae Doriopsilla janaina Cladobranchia Arminidae Armina cuvieri Flabellinidae Flabellina cynara Tergipedidae Cuthona sp.
Recoveries of wandering albatross Diomedea exulans ringed at South Georgia, 1985-86.