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 (dĭ-răk′), Paul Adrien Maurice 1902-1984.
British mathematician and physicist who shared a 1933 Nobel Prize for his contributions to relativistic quantum mechanics.


(Biography) Paul Adrien Maurice. 1902–84, English physicist, noted for his work on the application of relativity to quantum mechanics and his prediction of electron spin and the positron: shared the Nobel prize for physics 1933



Paul Adrien Maurice, 1902–84, British physicist, in the U.S. after 1971.
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Noun1.Dirac - English theoretical physicist who applied relativity theory to quantum mechanics and predicted the existence of antimatter and the positron (1902-1984)
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Groups are usually introduced relatively late in physics education, he admits, but he begins with them in order to arrive at a semblance of the Dirac equation.
For example, it was recently realised that isolated touching points of these bands can be stabilised by certain crystalline symmetries, creating so-called Dirac fermions in the bulk electronic structure.
DIRAC is a database of radiotherapy hospitals and other clinical institutions with radionuclide and high-energy teletherapy machines.
Dirac Stereo Widening technology gives realistic sound quality that is almost unheard of from mobile devices.
A] expressed with the non local 4 x 4 Dirac trace free matrices [[gamma].
In 1926, Breit (2) discussed this problem using the correspondence principle in the old quantum theory, and obtained the same result as what Dirac (3) and subsequently Gordon (4) obtained independently, using quantum mechanics.
Investing further in the build-out of its senior management team, Dirac Research appointed Lars Isaksson business director of AR/VR.
Abstract: Silicene is a monolayer allotrope of silicon atoms arranged in a honeycomb structure with massless Dirac fermion characteristics similar to graphene.
It also removes MaxxAudio and Tuner, and integrates Dirac HD Sound technology.
Diferentes autores han propuesto como derivar la ecuacion de onda de Schrodinger [1-3], pero sin derivar la ecuacion de Dirac de la ecuacion de Hamilton-Jacobi (H-J).
Addressing the needs of emergency and first responders, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Dirac Solutions Inc.
Unlike Dirac and Majorana fermions, members of the Weyl class--named after German mathematician and physicist Hermann Weyl--are massless.