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n.1.One who directs; a director.
Directer plane
(Geom.) the plane to which all right-lined elements in a warped surface are parallel.
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I will own that I am rather glad that sort of thing seems to be out of fashion now, and I think the directer and franker methods of modern fiction will forbid its revival.
Additional Directer General (Law and Order) Anand Kumar on Tuesday said soon they will launch a campaign to identify the same and after that they will deported back to their country.
Mark Wahlberg teams up with directer Peter Berg once more to portray another steadfast all-American hero, who refuses to let anyone harm the city he loves.
It's another example of how far the club has progressed in the space of 12 months under David Wagner but, as commercial directer Sean Jarvis stated at the launch of the Premier League fixtures, there's still more to come.
She said that she was assigned by ambassador Medhat Kamal, by order of the former directer of Egyptian Intelligence, Omar Soliman, and Hussien Tantawy, commander-in-chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, to search for the ownership of the islands.
Institute for Fiscal Studies deputy directer Carl Emmerson told BBC Radio 4's World At One that the post-Brexit plunge in the pound was making imports more expensive.
NAWABSHAH -- Mir Nadir Ali Abro has taken over the charge of Deputy Directer Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) Shaheed Benazirabad Division.
Saleh Al-Jasser, directer general of Saudi, said the SAR350m Saudi facility would also be ready by mid-2017, as part of the strategic program that includes fleet development, expansion of its flight network and installation of the latest information technology.
Its directer Majid Majidi says the aim of his work is to re-claim the rightful image of Islam, which "[Sunni] extremists had distorted".
It was disappointing but also very frustrating," confessed directer of rugby Jan Van Deventer.

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