directional microphone

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Noun1.directional microphone - a microphone that is designed to receive sound from a particular direction
cardioid microphone - a directional microphone with a cardioid pattern of sensitivity
microphone, mike - device for converting sound waves into electrical energy
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With the hands-free speech translation technology developed in 2016 to run on tablets, the system used an external directional microphone to identify the direction of the speaker.
Having a directional microphone also can help, because it picks up sounds closer to you more clearly than background noise.
The three microphones let you choose from a 360-degree option that serves well at meetings, a directional microphone to avoid extraneous noise in crowded environments, or direct VoIP telephone recording.
The plug and play speakerphone features powerful loudspeakers and unique market-first technology from Jabra called ZoomTalkTM, an intelligent directional microphone that focuses on sound from human voices, so you only hear what matters most.
Model: Nexia VC Wired Omni- directional Microphone ,Make: Bosch, Omni directional Ceiling Microphone ,Make: Bosch Wireless handheld Microphone Make: Ahuja, Collar Microphone ,Make: Ahuja, Multi-channel Amplifier with speakers ,Make: Biamp.
The first prototype covers the wearer's ears, mouth and nose and uses a directional microphone to give him the ability to hear an isolated sound in a noisy environment, reports Mashable.
Chung, Real-world Performance of an ITE Directional Microphone, The Hearing Journal 51 (4), 24-38 (1998).
High resolution directional microphone technology and directional speech amplification optimise directional hearing and speech intelligibility, even in a very noisy environment.
New audio features include a beam-forming, directional microphone system and enhanced noise-canceling technology; and support for cellular wideband audio for "crisper word clarity and more natural-sounding speech".
The directional microphone responds to sound coming from a specific direction while the omni-directional microphone equally amplifies sound from any direction.
Also, as this mic is so sensitive, when used on a wider shot, you need not fear losing your subject due to a too tight directional microphone.
evaluated directional microphone hearing aid performance under several simulated noise configurations and in a live restaurant situation [34].

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