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The output of standard solar systems is directly proportional to the surface area receiving sunlight, and of course the intensity of that light.
He said that farmers were important members of country's economy adding that country's progress was directly proportional to farmers prosperity.
The subject of the service concession is the right to participate in this advisory system, with the result that the selected consultative organizations can settle a directly proportional amount of their consulting fee directly against the state of Baden-Wrttemberg depending on the advisory module.
The 3-screen biotin and absorbance of each well is directly proportional to the amount of autoantibody present.
4 Data of indices' correlations Indices Correlation Comments index Size-Weight 0,891425 A directly proportional and very strong correlation.
The research explains that the severity of the risks is directly proportional to the duration of hormone use.
But as it is with storage media, capacity and size is directly proportional to price.
Changes in this electromagnetic field are directly proportional to the dielectric constant of the material through which it passes.
Progress in your life is directly proportional to goals you set.
It never fails to amuse me that the amount of time wasted about proposed changes to Canon 21 is usually directly proportional to ridiculous rainbow-flag-waving, self-perceived injustices in Canadian society today.
According to a new survey, the demand for mobile banking services is directly proportional to security.
Member of PLO central committee, Abbas Zaki, in an exclusive talk to PNN said that Israel is going directly proportional with the wildness of ISIS in the area.