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 (dĭ-rĕk′tər-ĭt, dī-)
1. The office or position of a director.
2. A board of directors, as of a corporation.
3. The entire staff of a bureau or department.


(dɪˈrɛktərɪt; daɪ-)
1. (Commerce) a board of directors
2. (Professions) Also: directorship the position of director


(dɪˈrɛk tər ɪt, daɪ-)

1. the office of a director.
2. a body of directors.
[1830–40; < French directorat < Late Latin dīrēctor director]
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Noun1.directorate - a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institutiondirectorate - a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution
board - a committee having supervisory powers; "the board has seven members"
staggered board of directors - a board of directors a portion of whose members are elected each year instead of all members being elected annually
management - those in charge of running a business


[daɪˈrektərɪt] N
1. (= post) → dirección f, cargo m de director
2. (= body) → junta f directiva, consejo m de administración


n (= period of office)Dienstzeit fals Direktor; (= board of directors)Aufsichtsrat m
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Subject of the contract is the servicing and repair of vehicles brand renault (hereinafter services) for the needs of the ministry of interior, the general police directorate, the inspectorate of the interior and police directorates in slovenia, which comprises the following sections:
Directorate and other concerned Directorates have been used and the uninterrupted cleanliness operation continued round the clock.
Ashraf said, five directorates of PDMA have been set up in this regard.
11 (ONA) The 2-day seminar organized by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to discuss the results of the study of delegating more authority to the directorates and departments of the Ministry in the governorates concluded at Holiday Inn Hotel today.
Manama, July8(BNA) Deputy Premier and Vice President of the Civil Service Board Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, issued a circular on the standards for the establishment of senior positions and directorates in the civil service, that are developed by Civil Service Bureau (CSB).
He commended the directives and follow up of performance at the Ministry of Interior's directorates and departments by Lt.
The board also reviewed the proposal for re-structuring of CPO Peshawar and approved the establishment of three directorates i.
Al-Sada will also deliver the opening address and be present throughout the forum, which will be attended by top officials from QP's various directorates and departments.
A source at the Control and Investigation Board (CIB) said it is following up on the health situation in the area and monitoring the efforts of directorates responsible for controlling the disease.
It was reported Friday that Mihaylova has dismissed a total of 23 senior officials, including the 16 directors of regional inspectorates, the directors of the three National Parks Rila, Pirin and Central Balkan, and the heads of the four basin directorates (Danube River Basin Directorate, Black Sea Basin Directorate, East Aegean Sea River Basin Directorate, West Aegean Sea River Basin Directorate).
15/ 2013 Upgrading the Organisational Level of each of the Directorates of Sports Affairs at the Ministry of Sports Affairs in the Governorates of Dhofar and the North Al Batinah to a Directorate General.
The milestone was achieved following Cabinet directives for all directorates at the C to conform to ISO9001:2008 certification requirements, the ministry said.

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