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Such abandonment also means the disavowment of the current Palestinian political system, which now appears more as an obstacle to the people than a tool of empowerment.
6) Other traditions may be different: "The list of inappropriate witnesses [in Mulasarvastivadin Vinaya] for one's disavowal is long, but the point is straightforward: in order to be valid, the proclamation of one's disavowment of the teachings of the Buddha, of the path of a celibate renunciant, must be understood by a responsible third party" (Clarke, "Sex" 16; emphasis added).
Larson, The Crusade and the Manifesto, in Utah's History, supra note 38, at 257, 268-73 (explaining Utah's efforts for admission into the Union and discussing some of the political compromises, such as disavowment of plural marriage, which made it possible); Gustive O.