Disbursing officer

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an officer in any department of the public service who is charged with the duty of paying out public money.

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18) These officials then possess joint and several liability with any certifying or disbursing officer who relies on the improper information.
Head of Offices (HOO)/Drawing & Disbursing Officers (DDO) of all Ministries/Departments including Attached and Subordinate Offices located in Delhi will participate in the one day workshop being conducted by the Department of Pension & Pensioners' Welfare (P&PW).
government, (195) to render advance decisions to assist certifying officers and disbursing officers when they are in doubt as to the legality or propriety of certifying or paying certain questionable expenses, (196) and to relieve accountable officials from liability under certain conditions.
Matheny was ordered to USS Jason (AR 8) at San Diego in January 1987, where she was Food Service officer for the first five months aboard, then Sales and Disbursing officer until detached.
the authority under which the Embassy holds and administers the SDA account; the accountability guidance or procedures regarding the administration of the SDA account; the role/identity of the Kinshasa Embassy official who approved the payment and the State Department's view of that individuals responsibility in the matter; the specific source of the payment and the role/identity of the disbursing officer who paid Air Afrique, and the State Department's view of that individual's responsibility in this matter.
The young Supply Corps officer found that there were no suitable vault or safe facilities available, but the NOB disbursing officer provided a Quonset hut in which to store the money.
In such instances, either the paying agent would work directly with the airfield manager, or intervention by a State Department representative or nearby disbursing officer would be required.
Regional Officers, after exercising checks in the capacity of Drawing and Disbursing Officer, forward bills to Regional Pay and Accounts Office which makes the payment.
Far from the traditional supply lines, payments were handled the oldfashioned way of cash on delivery through the ship's Disbursing officer.
Army disbursing officer on his second rotation in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, recently completed all three modules of the Certified Defense Financial Manager (CDFM) examination.
When he completed NF&SS in the spring of 1940, LTJG Messenheimer was assigned as disbursing officer of USS Altair (AD 11), a destroyer tender tied up at Pearl Harbor.
Army Europe and the Army staff His finance assignments included duty as a disbursing officer, installation finance and accounting officer, commander of the 177th Finance Battalion supporting the 2nd Infantry Division and commander of the 13th Finance Group supporting the III Mobile Armored Corps.