Discontinuous function

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(Math.) a function which for certain values or between certain values of the variable does not vary continuously as the variable increases. The discontinuity may, for example, consist of an abrupt change in the value of the function, or an abrupt change in its law of variation, or the function may become imaginary.
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In the next section it is shown that the Fed will only restrict itself to this discrete set of announcements if it is compelled to do so by public expectations which are a discontinuous function of Fed announcements.
The modern city of doing is one of discrete and discontinuous functions dispersed in different locations (home, workplace, sports field) requiring different modes of behaviour (parent, employee, athlete or fan) dispersed in a spatial and experiential void.
2c,d) abruptly truncate the incident field at the edge and, thus, transform these integrands into discontinuous functions that violate the wave equation.