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n.1.The quality of being discoverable.
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A new tabbed style navigation enhances discoverability of all of the sections that Slickdeals has to offer, including Frontpage Slickdeals, Popular Deals, Coupons, Categories, and Local Deals.
It seeks to investigate and identify practical solutions that will support higher education institutions enhance the discoverability of their digitised collections for the benefit of their key audiences, in particular researchers, teachers and students.
com and Kudos, the service will provide researchers with a platform to increase accessibility and aid discoverability by simplifying and explaining content, uploading multimedia materials and distributing on social networks and e-mail.
Through this service, the author can interact with his readers online, promote himself and his work on his accounts, and improve his discoverability online.
A release distributed through a newswire service with a link to your content will live on hundreds of websites, driving discoverability.
To enhance discoverability, each research article page provides recommendations for related articles independent of publisher.
In addition Weidenfeld & Nicolson plans to improve discoverability online with its a range of digital assets that include a Twitter account (@wnbooks), a Facebook page (WNFiction), the W&N blog and its monthly email newsletter called Contact.
Increased visibility and discoverability of South African health-related research.
Pinsight Media+ incorporates a suite of media tools into the Pinsight Touch programme, which can assist issuers and merchants in driving the discoverability of their mobile applications and maximizing customer acquisition.
Despite those benefits, the iPad also ushered in concerns about security, discoverability and offline access to board information.
Later chapters discuss strategy and long-term campaigns and give advice on choosing the right media for the campaign, increasing online discoverability, developing brand loyalty, measuring social media efforts, and global marketing.
London, Mar 19 ( ANI ): Content-sharing site Pinterest that lets users to 'pin' videos, articles, pictures, graphics and other objects to their own boards, has announced some slight changes to the design of the website and discoverability features.