Discrete quantity

that which must be divided into units, as number, and is opposed to continued quantity, as duration, or extension.

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After the structure of the fuzzy controller is determined, discrete the input value and do the fuzzy processing to establish the correspondence between the discrete quantity and the fuzzy quantity, so the transform between the precise quantity and the fuzzy quantity can be achieved.
Where: x is that the continuous quantity of the basic domain, y is the discrete quantity of the fuzzy set, int indicates the rounding operation.
Recently Steffe and Olive (2010) presented an argument that children's understanding of fractions involves the reorganisation of their knowledge of discrete quantity (i.
All material particles are composed by QS that vibrate at appropriate frequencies and that, in virtue of these vibrations, become seat of a discrete quantity of energy in the "entropy-state".
The discrete quantity of entropic energy that a quantum of space assumes when it becomes electron depends on the features of the region in exam, on the situation existing in that particular region of ATPS (namely on the type of interaction, "potential" to which the region of ATPS is subjected).
This quantum of space, vibrating at one of these frequencies becomes seat of a discrete quantity of entropic energy given by [E.
The vibrations of QS at appropriate frequencies create the appearance of material particles (in the sense that, because of them, these QS become seat of a discrete quantity of energy in the "entropy state") and, at the same time, create the wave behaviour, the quantum waves associated with such particles.
Photonics is technology that generates and harnesses light, whose smallest discrete quantity is the photon.
QS become seat of a discrete quantity of energy (in the "entropystate") in virtue of a vibration at an appropriate frequency.
For example, according to the view proposed here, the electron is just a particle derived from a quantum of space that vibrates at certain frequencies and that, because of this vibration, becomes seat of a discrete quantity of entropic energy.
Taking into account the possible link between the mass of a particle and the quantum potential, on the grounds of the model proposed here, it appears lawful to suggest the idea that the role of quantum potential is just to transfer a discrete quantity of entropic energy from one quantum to another of ATPS (thus making a particle appear in the QS, which compose its trajectory).
Percent increase or decrease could be classified as a "stretching and shrinking" problem, although it is noted that in this case the relationship being considered is the scaling up of a discrete quantity not a continuous quantity as described by Lamon (1993).

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