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The act of making mathematically discrete.
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Since grid-cell discretisation possesses little structure, these schemes can at best be first-order convergent.
The first set of matrices A and B is obtained from the discretisation of the operator
It can be seen that the differences with grid refinement are exceedingly small and the agreement between mesh MII1 and extrapolated value is extremely good; the discretisation error for [bar.
Discretisation approach applied for modelling of particulate solids is schematically illustrated in Figure 2.
The objectives of this study were therefore to: (i) calibrate two different conceptual models for soil water flow to an experimental dataset in an SVA system using a genetic algorithm; (ii) compare the accuracy of the calibrated models for predicting water content at various depths; (iii) examine the representativeness of effective parameters by studying the impact of soil profile discretisation on water content predictions (different scenarios including various number of layers); and (iv) provide functional analyses in terms of drainage for the different scenarios.
The finite element method is applied for discretisation of a structure and mathematical programming is used for the numerical solution to the problem.
Discretisation of this formula combined with an efficient calculation of the Euler numbers in the planar sections yields a fast algorithm for determining the integral of the mean curvature from tomographic images, see, e.
It should be noted that the use of a structural weighted lattice would ensure the intended accuracy of air discretisation when applying hierarchical clustering methods, not only to form airspace blocks on the basis of traffic flows in the targeted airspace, but also to ensure the integrity of the airspace and the optimal integration of flight operations.
For instance, in the effective heat capacity method the heat capacity value needs to be calculated in the discretisation equations based on the current temperature of the node.
In order to speed up this process are performed with first-order discretisation.