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v. i.1.To erase from a roll or list.
[imp. & p. p. Disenrolled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Disenrolling.]
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The authors find that most of the children enrolled in Medicaid at their 6th birthday, who are expected to transition to PCK and begin paying premiums, either recertify and find that they are still eligible for Medicaid or disenroll from public coverage.
At the Paskenta Annual General Council Meeting on April 12, Chairman Andrew Freeman, departed from the agenda and announced that Tribal members from the Henthorn/Pata/Lohse family were not direct descendants of Paskenta ancestors and attempted to disenroll them from the tribe.
But the Grand Ronde now wants to disenroll Prickett and 79 relatives, and possibly hundreds of other tribal members, because they no longer satisfy new enrollment requirements.
You should not disenroll from Tricare before you move or leave your area for 60 days or more until you consult with your regional contactor.
When changing addresses, don't disenroll from TRICARE Prime.
Fearing punishment by Medicare for serving eligible patients outside the system, or at least a costly legal battle, physicians have been reluctant to disenroll and still offer care to Medicare beneficiaries.
CMS helped beneficiaries who experienced inappropriate marketing by providing special election periods (SEP) through which beneficiaries could disenroll from their MA plan and enroll in new coverage without waiting for the twice yearly regular enrollment periods.
For example, as of January 2005, TennCare (the Medicaid program in Tennessee) planned to disenroll 323,000 adults (Hamburg, 2005) due to its financial crisis and since that time has disenrolled 225,000 adults (Tennessee Health Care Campaign, 2007).
While we have not imposed penalties, college policy does permit us to disenroll students for not obeying.
Moreover, new federal Medicaid regulations that require proof of legal status will disenroll undocumented immigrants, as well as some African-Americans who lack birth certificates because they were born at home in the rural south.
In the meantime, drug manufacturers that operate patient assistance programs do not need to rush to disenroll all their Part D beneficiaries.