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 (dĭz′nē), Walter Elias Known as "Walt." 1901-1966.
American animator, showman, and film producer. Noted for his creation of the cartoon characters Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, he pioneered the use of sound and color in animation. In 1923 he founded the Walt Disney Company, now one of the largest entertainment and media corporations in the world.


(Biography) Walt(er Elias). 1901–66, US film producer, who pioneered animated cartoons: noted esp for his creations Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and films such as Fantasia (1940)
ˌDisneyˈesque adj


(ˈdɪz ni)

Walt(er E.), 1901–66, U.S. creator and producer of animated cartoons, motion pictures, etc.
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Noun1.Disney - United States film maker who pioneered animated cartoons and created such characters as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck; founded Disneyland (1901-1966)
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He constructs a Disneyesque version of England where tourist attractions are conveniently recreated side by side.
A spectacular building resulted--the disneyesque Peace Palace, the most recognisable icon of the city of The Hague.
the Extra-Terrestrial" (1982) and "Free Willy" (1992), among others--and some Disneyesque cuteness, it is easy to affix "Okja" with the stamp "children's fantasy.
Even if you don't wear pink, there are so many facets to this rosy hue that if styled correctly (much like that pink Zara trench coat that's flying off the rails), it can lighten the home without leaving it looking like a Disneyesque doll's house.
Moreover, her labor, which sustains the Dome of Light, is all done out of sight of her husband, either early in the morning before he rises, or literally behind the scenes, out of sight behind the Dome's Disneyesque facade: "It was Mrs.
After a tedious boat trip (we'd boarded the wrong one, and found ourselves using the local hop-on hop-off round-the-whole-island service) we found ourselves in an initially likeminded, but increasingly sweaty and irritable throng, shuffling round a down-at-heel Disneyesque encampment - which smelled of cynicism - and where mostly off-their-face or raddled people sold a variety of "must-have" souvenirs - really lovely, really innovative, really artistic, creative items, such as batik wall-hangings, dreamcatchers, handcrafted thong-and-bead-based jewellery, incense burners, basketware and intricately painted glass - that NO WAY IN THE WORLD you could get anywhere else.
The six Disneyesque "mice" that are changed into "horses" are penguins, but after their transformation they develop front flippers to run on all fours.
We embrace the mythic qualities of Kipling in the more intense tonal aspects of the film, says director Favreau, but we left room for what we remember from the '67 film, and sought to maintain those charming Disneyesque aspects.
Humans alter nature and nature shapes the development of societies; the effects of this interaction have changed over the millennia, but humans have never lived in a Disneyesque world of complete harmony with nature.
Sehen am Fliessband (Seeing on the Assembly Line) shows a single Disneyesque canine, all black with big, round ears, sleepy eyes, and an entirely bored look.
When we drove to the top of the hill overlooking the field, I saw an almost Disneyesque scene.
Despite its Disneyesque name, it isn't too commercialised.