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v. t.1.To separate (a pair).
I have . . . dispaired two doves.
- Beau. & Fl.
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Being quite dispirited with toil, and wholly overcome by grief and dispair, I lay down between two ridges, and heartily wished I might there end my days.
The sources said that rapid advances of the Hezbollah troops in Arsal heights in Lebanon-Syria border region have caused a growing wave of dispair among the terrorists of the Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board).
Your Petitioner need not say this unexpected termination of his hopes has not only destroyed his confidence, but driven him almost to dispair in the prospect of a protracted misery by Eight Months longer imprisonment in a gloomy Prison.
Individuals under strain work out a way towards detachment in their real dispair, which says from any spiritual aesthetic practice have recommended for centuries: the Platonists' pursuit of the Good, the Buddhists' disciplined search for right action, the early Christians' caritas, all become detachment as a recurrent theme.
It makes an record that's at once full of dispair but full of hope.
Ironically, his insistence that laughter is a way to alleviate his dispair leads to his death.
Upon the same reason hatred of God, bold defance of his power denying of the Regiment of his Providence in this inferiour World presumtuous independance upon him or dispair of assistance from him, denying all worship to him or performing it coldly, carelessly or hypocritically /fol.
In what has become an iconic image in Portugal, coach Jorge Jesus sank to his knees in dispair when Porto scored their stoppage-time winner.
Molly begins with a description of Calliope--"One pretty hand rested on the short sword stuck in the rope at her waist, while she glared off to the side at some oncoming enemy army"--then abruptly moves on: "But the one I most wanted to be was Tragedy, who knelt in an attitude of misery and dispair [sic].
The actor was upset after he saw Sarabjit's family in dispair.