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A doctrine prevalent in some forms of Protestant Christianity that divides history into distinct periods, each marked by a different dispensation or relationship between God and humanity. Dispensationalism further holds that Christian believers will be transported to heaven without warning and that soon thereafter there will be a period of tribulation, followed by the Second Coming.

dis′pen·sa′tion·a·list n.
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Moreover, influential Premillennial Dispensationalists argue that Israel's creation signalled the nearing of the end of days and that thousands of Jews will die on the Day of Armageddon.
While people 55 and older, their view toward Israel may be very theologically founded, if they're dispensationalists or Christian Zionists, these types of theologies are a little less prevalent or less overt in the millennial generation," Cannon told JTA.
Every summer a nearby church sponsored a "Summer Pavilion," which brought many of the greatest Bible teachers, such as Harry Ironside, Carl Armerding, John Walvoord, and Alva McClain, all traditional dispensationalists.
While premillenial dispensationalists conceptualised history as time partitioned into certain ages and with a definite end, secular critics of nuclear weapons postulated on global annihilation.
They attacked theological liberalism, conventionism, and, by and large, were millennialists and dispensationalists.
7) More specifically, Aberhart and his Bible Institute followers were dispensationalists and emphasized a premillennialist expectation of Christ's imminent return.
With one of the main prophecies now in place, dispensationalists contended that they had the "reference point they had been waiting for", and proof that God kept his promises.
They'd been innocent victims, collateral damage, caught up in the blast radius of recrimination against the Dominionists and Dispensationalists, the Scientific Creationists and Christian Zionists, the corrupt and cynical elements of the Roman hierarchy, the Islamist jihadis and the Third Temple zealots and all the rest who'd done the real damage in the Faith Wars .
Such let-downs have not deterred subsequent millennialists and dispensationalists of various stripes from continuing to make similar projections.
25) As Timothy R Weber maintains, the descendents of the militant fundamentalists in the 1920s were s61l exclusively dispensationalists.
Darby and his seven dispensations (look it up), and not all dispensationalists think Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (or maybe Barack Obama) is the Antichrist.
Some dispensationalists believed that God had fought on the side of the British in order to set the stage for the restoration of the Jews to Palestine.