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a.1.Pertaining to disposition.
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Object of the contract was divided into 3 parts Part I - Ciszkowo forestry, forestry WhitePart II - Gniewomierz forestry, forestry Smolary Arboretum Gniewomierz, Point emergency - Dispositional (PAD), and selection and seed.
Emotions have a dispositional character (for an emotion can happen at different times and places; more on this later) and are relations to objects or events (e.
Let an X/Y distinction be a distinction between kinds of properties, such as the distinctions between qualitative and nonqualitative, intrinsic and extrinsic, perfectly natural and less-than-perfectly natural, or dispositional and categorical properties.
Several personality characteristics have been linked to the frequency of flow in athletes, including task goal orientation (Jackson & Roberts, 1992; Murcia, Gimeno, & Coll, 2008), facilitative anxiety perceptions and lower anxiety intensity (Wiggins & Freeman, 2000), dispositional sport-confidence (Koehn, 2007), and physical self-concept (Jackson et al.
preadjudication, dispositional and post-release) in which GPS supervision will be used;
The purpose of this study was to extend the literature by examining the dispositional predictors using a sample of students at a historically black college or university.
Defense counsel believes that the defendant's present mental illness may interfere with the decision-making and understanding necessary to work with counsel and make rational choices with regard to trial and dispositional options in this case,'' Mr.
In addition to dispositional factors, such as genetic endowments, they are affected by coworkers, supervisors, and the type of organization and culture of the company where they work.
Liking more means doing more: Dispositional attitudes predict patterns of general action," said Justin Hepler, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
In this task, subjects were asked to decide whether one fish swimming ahead of a school of fish is leading the group (an individual/ dispositional inference) or being chased by the group (a group/situational inference).
Assuming that our disposition motivates behavior, Justin Hepler, Department of Psychology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; and Dolores Albarracin, Annenberg School for Communication and Department of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, suggested that people who like many things (those with positive dispositional attitudes) also do many things during the course of a week, while people who dislike many things (those with low dispositional attitudes) do very few things with their time.
Support for the safe haven function stemmed from significant specific indirect effects between spiritual instability and dispositional humility through lowered differentiation of self, through increased insecure God attachment, and through both increased insecure attachment and lowered differentiation of self .