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More recent studies on migration, exile, and return have, however, found that rather than being a condition characterized by discontinuity and disrupture, exile is a state of biculturalism in which continued attachment to original culture and loyalties to host country/ies coexist (Askland 2007; Wise 2006).
By relating indigenous (hi)stories in the deeply transforming ways of oral storytelling, Conley offers a strong corrective tribal voice that "speaks" the Cherokee people's true story of past cultural, tribal, and regional disrupture and dislocation.
Candida albicans induced empyema: mode of revelation of a spontaneous oesophageal disrupture.
The piles of rock on each hand, but particularly on the Shenandoah, the evident marks of their disrupture and avulsion from their beds by the most powerful agents of nature, corroborate the impression.
Aside from an early chapter on Boston, Conner concentrates with scholarly diligence on New York City in a study inevitably marked, as she ruefully admits, "with rifts: disrupture, counter-evidence, roughness.
energy of disrupture (area under stress-strain curve);
He reassured that political or economic disruptures that take place in different parts of the world have not affected the oil supply so far.