Dissipative system

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(Mech.) an assumed system of matter and motions in which forces of friction and resistances of other kinds are introduced without regard to the heat or other molecular actions which they generate; - opposed to conservative system.

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Focusing on mathematical methods for dissipative system complexity and mathematical biology, Vakulenko (mechanical engineering, Russian Academy of Sciences) considers the problem of the emergence of complexity in dissipative systems and chaos, stability, and evolution for genetic networks.
The exhibition also features Charles Lee's Dissipative System, a wall of touchable tiles that change color in response to heat--mimicking the color, humidity, and temperature changes in the exoskeleton of a Hercules beetle.
It is also an inevitable fact that when the energy source of a dissipative system is finite and nonrenewable, as with fossil fuels, the life of the systems will also be finite--when the energy source is exhausted, the system must collapse.
Also, a complex dissipative system can use the energy it imports to become more highly organized.
Slip resistant and static dissipative systems are a highly specialist area of resin flooring in terms of technical and skill of application, but are widely used due to the health and safety requirements in the working environments of both industrial and commercial buildings.
Designed for a full year course for upper level undergraduates, this covers nonlinear and chaotic maps, time series analysis, autonomous systems in the plane, nonlinear Hamilton systems, nonlinear dissipative systems, nonlinear driven systems, controlling and synchronization of chaos, fractals, cellular automata, differential equations, neural networks, genetic algorithms, gene expression programming, optimization, discrete wavelets, discrete hidden Markov processes, and fuzzy sets with fuzzy logic.