n.1.The rate at which palpable energy is dissipated away into other forms of energy.
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The topics include state estimation and SMC of Markovian jump singular systems, SMC of Markovian jump singular systems with stochastic perturbation, the stability and stabilization of switched state-delayed hybrid systems, SMC of switched state-delayed hybrid systems in continuous-time and discrete-time cases, the control of switched stochastic hybrid systems in the continuous-time and discrete-time cases, and SMC with dissipativity of switched stochastic hybrid systems.
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The above suggestion is based on the idea about the proximity of the frequencies of self-excited oscillations, characteristic of a turning system, to its natural frequencies as a result of the weak dissipativity.
Thieme (14) obtained persistence under relaxed point dissipativity in an epidemic model and derived conditions for both host and disease persistence and for host limitation by the disease.
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We will also study further concepts which are not related to a selected solution such as contractivity and dissipativity.
he examines the structure of the Levinson center of systems with the condition of hyperbolicity, the method of Lyapunov functions, and the dissipativity of some classes of equations.
Biologically, this means that there is an upper limit on how big the densities can become; such behavior is to be expected in Lotka-Volterra systems of the kind used here where basal species are self-limiting and consumers can only increase in the presence of their victims, and we therefore assume throughout that dissipativity holds.
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2) allow control on the numerical stability, convergence and dissipativity (existence of the approximate random limit cycle which has a support concentrated on an ellipse).
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