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n.1.A state of being distracted; distraction.
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The company says that these products address the most pressing safety issues affecting today's drivers, distractedness and exhaustion.
AaAaAeA{AaAaAeA} he looks like heAaAaAeA{Es having the time of his life, wi cat-that-swallowed-the-canary grin and glorious air of permanent distractedness.
Common symptoms associated with SD include increased sleepiness, decreased psychomotor performance as evidenced by longer reaction time, [2] distractedness, disturbances in attention and concentration, forgetting known facts, difficulty in memorizing new information, and mistakes of commission and omissions [3] along with degraded mood.
The everyday distractedness and directionless dumb presence of the crowd is at the heart of Ensor's version of the modern world.
If consumption here involves commodities in general and points to an accelerationist eschatology, Phillipson elsewhere places other, related subsets of contemporary distractedness in play.
While psychologists are often quick to point out the danger this poses to mental health, distractedness is also dangerous to physical health.
We also compared the math performance, self-reported stress, perceived difficulty, distractedness, and perceived math ability of liberal arts majors to that of engineering majors.
The premise of Crawford's book is that our distractedness is merely symptomatic of a deeper cultural defect, a misrepresentation of the self that has permeated our society.
A Dialogue with Solitude is a book haunted by loneliness, unknown women, the anguish of missed crossings, and by distractedness (what we might now call "dissociation").
Attention can become fatigued, and the symptoms of attention fatigue are lowered effectiveness, increased distractedness, and irritability.
Full distractedness of mind is a near complete regression into primary process or the simple succession of materials from the pit of images.
Loss of interest: Sudden lack of interest or enjoyment in favorite hobbies or topics, distractedness, unusual dissatisfaction with performance or results