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n.1.A state of being distracted; distraction.
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The premise of Crawford's book is that our distractedness is merely symptomatic of a deeper cultural defect, a misrepresentation of the self that has permeated our society.
A Dialogue with Solitude is a book haunted by loneliness, unknown women, the anguish of missed crossings, and by distractedness (what we might now call "dissociation").
Attention can become fatigued, and the symptoms of attention fatigue are lowered effectiveness, increased distractedness, and irritability.
Besides, his distractedness then and elsewhere meant she, too, could be by herself and with him at the same time.
Full distractedness of mind is a near complete regression into primary process or the simple succession of materials from the pit of images.
The Nazi statement read: "A letter which he left behind unfortunately shows by its distractedness traces of a mental disorder, and it is feared he was a victim of hallucinations.
It would be a common experience, I believe, even for seasoned meditators, to find themselves spontaneously phasing in and out, as it were, of a state of absorption or composure to distractedness or restlessness and vice versa.
7) It also differs significantly from the emphasis on distraction that we find a century later, in Walter Benjamin's characterization of modernity's "[rjeception in a state of distraction," since the poet is primarily interested in the moment of relaxation, of turning away, rather than in a sustained state of distractedness.
For instance, the inappropriate use of their allowances by some senators has called into question the very existence of the Upper House, whereas when MPs commit similar offenses, their distractedness is rightly condemned but without any claim to abolishing the House of Commons.
Gytis Barzdukas, senior director of Mozy product management, attributes this phenomenon to our distractedness during the transition from work to nighttime activities, which "creates the perfect environment for loss.
I bring it up today, because I think the age of distractedness has crept into running like it has had deadly affects on driving.
Social networks, while pleasurable and fun, increase distractedness by bombarding users with brief bits of information.