District school

a public school for the children within a school district.

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References in classic literature ?
I suppose I'll just have to drop out next year," she thought drearily, "and teach a district school again until I earn enough to finish my course.
She had never had any education other than that of the neighborhood district school, for her desires and ambitions had all pointed to the management of the house, the farm, and the dairy.
Holgrave, as he told Phoebe somewhat proudly, could not boast of his origin, unless as being exceedingly humble, nor of his education, except that it had been the scantiest possible, and obtained by a few winter-months' attendance at a district school.
It made no difference to Martin that the daily walk to and from the district school was long, and left no spare time; it made no difference that the long hours at his lessons left the boy longing for play--always there was the herd, twice a day, cows and cows without end.
Tell Josiah Bounderby of Coketown, of your district schools and your model schools, and your training schools, and your whole kettle-of-fish of schools; and Josiah Bounderby of Coketown, tells you plainly, all right, all correct - he hadn't such advantages - but let us have hard-headed, solid-fisted people - the education that made him won't do for everybody, he knows well - such and such his education was, however, and you may force him to swallow boiling fat, but you shall never force him to suppress the facts of his life.
rick young cppb, fccm, purchasing agent, bay district school purchasing department, @youngra@bay.
Each data set includes information for the universe of students attending a charter or district school in the respective city.
Justin Trudeau has collected $90,000 in fees for speaking at Ontario Catholic school events from 2006 to 2012: $7,500 from the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association (20/04/06); $7,500 from the Association Franco-Ontarienne des Conseils Scolaires Catholiques (16/02/07); $15,000 from the Niagara Catholic District School Board (17, 18/05/07); $10,000 from the Peterborough Victoria Northhumberland Clarington Catholic School Board (5/02/08); $10,000 from the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association (9/02/08); $10,000 from Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School (21/05/08); $15,000 from the Waterloo Catholic District School Board (6/11/09); $15,000 from the Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board (7/05/10)(from blogs.
The Grand Erie and District School Board released the results of Ontario Secondary School Literacy test (OSSLT) written by Grade 9 students in April.
Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board, Mississauga.
On Wednesday, Oct 15, 2007, over 150 high school students and staff from various Toronto District School Board ecoteams gathered together at the University of Toronto Hart House for the first Evergreen/Ecoschool Student Leadership "Ignite the Team" kickoff.
The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, Ontario, Canada, has selected NetSupport Manager for district-wide remote desktop management and support.

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