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n.1.Disesteem; depreciation; disrepute.
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That, however, racism and racial profiling mark the racial Other for disvaluation and stigmatization suggests the reproduction of race-based relations of ruling subjects the bodies and movements of the racial Other to the gaze of White normative surveillance.
The de-gendering pressures concentrated on ruptures in man-woman (boy-girl) and therefore in kinship systems brought about by the spread of AIDS; the new forms of alienation from work and livelihoods--procurement, joblessness, vulnerability, casual and sub-casual work, bondage and growing indebtedness amongst the poor; the dis-oralic pressures that fracture the functioning of institutions of equal 'voice' leading to silence, evasion and mistrust; finally, pressures that lead to disvaluation, increasing 'otherings' and racial derogations, are leading to radical reconfigurations 'from below'.
The girlwoman [in one parable] experiences disoralia--an inability to establish parameters for meaningful communicative practice; disvaluation and degendering--she is not only a notwoman she is a new thing.