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He was in the habit of pausing for a cautious, vaguely designing chat with every hedger or ditcher on his way, and was especially willing to listen even to news which he had heard before, feeling himself at an advantage over all narrators in partially disbelieving them.
Rebecca Wheatley, above, breastfeeds her six-month-|old son Oliver Ditcher.
Statistics about agricultural laborers were the substance; any real ditcher, ploughman, or farmer's boy was the shadow" (87).
the two-time Cy Young winner and 1968 American League MVP; Tampa Bay Rays Ditcher and Boston native Alex Cobb: and fellow former big leaguers Darrell Evans.
The Chair" by Addison Chappel; "Theater Commercial" by Rhodec Erickson; "Not So Epic Battle" by Eli Lay and Gary Cleverly; "Diseased" by Samantha Stendal; "A Very Matrix Christmas" by Ryan O'Toole; "The Last Croak" by Casey Willits and Erin Hammond; "Don't Be a Bully" by Allison Reilly; "The Ding Dong Ditcher and the Insane Grandma Who Doesn't Listen" by Kaylie Parr and Lauren Coady; "Pacwitch," by Jacob Sowanick and Tessa Baune; "Driver's Ed Video" by Austin Hodgin, Andrea Coffee and Jonathan Lymath; "The King of the Books" by Derek Gray; and "Chapel of Praise" by Josh Aden.
And Jemma Ditcher, 19, of Oswestry, was another to seize the chance of a full-time role following a stint as a Christmas temp.
For trenching, the ditcher is a timely and effective piece of equipment used for pipeline trenching but it has many constraints concerning the required trench size and soil conditions.
Part of the scheme, the Fenton Floodplains Project, enlisted the help of the RSPB's giant American big wheel rotary ditcher to carve out new habitats.
Ditcher (1985) regarded brand image as describing not individual traits of the product, but the total impression in the minds of the consumers.