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An anticholinergic drug, C22H31NO3, used to treat incontinence and other urinary symptoms.

[oxy- + but- + -yn(e) + -in.]


n oxibutinina
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According to the company, Oxybutynin Chloride Extended-Release Tablets, USP is an US FDA-approved generic version of Janssen Pharmaceuticals' Ditropan XL Tablets.
Drugs known as anticholinergics (such as Ditropan, Detrol, Vesicare, Enablex, Gelnique, Oxytrol and Toviaz) suppress involuntary bladder contractions to help with urgency, frequency and urgency-related leakage.
Other drugs on the risk list include older antidepressants such as Doxepin and the bladder control treatment Ditropan.
Each of the drugs - along with others such as doxepin antidepressants and Ditropan bladder control pills - has "anticholinergic" effects which block a chemical transmitter called acetylcholine.
The OROS(R) osmotic drug delivery technology provides controlled drug release over an extended period and has been employed as a sustained release formulation for many successful products, including CONCERTA(R), DITROPAN XL(R), COVERA-HS(R), and PROCARDIA XL(R).
Ditropan XL, the extended-release formulation, is approved for children aged 6 years and older with detrusor overactivity associated with a neurologic condition; Ditropan syrup and tablets do not have an age-specific indication, but include safety and efficacy information in children aged 5 years and older.
Some of the products developed through these off-balance sheet arrangements include Ditropan XL for over active bladder, Concerta for hyperactivity, and the cancer treatments known as Viadur and Doxil.
I always tell patients and their families: 'Look, it's better to be in Depends than to be demented because of Ditropan.
Postoperatively, the surgeon wrote an order to resume her previous medication regimen, which included Ditropan.