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v. t.1.To rend apart.
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Webster's The White Divel, she delivered her last lines in a way
Tony Dobbin, successful on Prince Of The Wood, went on to complete a 10-1 double on Spike And Divel in the second division of the maiden hurdle, to give Jonjo O'Neill the satisfaction of being the first trainer to hit the half-century mark.
But meeting his two daughters, as I supposed twins, they so neerly resembled each other, both in features and habit, and look't as old as the Divel himselfe, and quite as Ugly, We desired entertainm't, but could hardly get a word out of 'um, till with our Importunity, telling them our necesity, &c.
Divel says, "A certification can cost a company up to $550 to $750 per person, not including an employee's personal time.
Companies which have signed up this week include Nikon, Haag-Streit, Silhouette, Kirk Originals and Divel Italia.
Using these publishers and their marketing niches as an interpretive lens, Lesser rereads with historical precision Stuart editions of several plays, among them, Beaumont's Knight of the Burning Pestle (1613), Marlowe's Jew of Malta (1633), Webster's White Divel (1612), Shakespeare's Othello (1622), and Beaumont and Fletcher's King and No King (1619).
29) As in Spiera's case, the paralysis of Faustus's will is revealed even bodily in anguished immobility: "I woulde weepe, but the divel drawes in my teares.
120) The futility of this stance is made evident when in the play's final scene Faustus finds himself so thoroughly permeated by external agencies that he cannot make even the gestures of penitence: "Ah my God, I woulde weepe, but the divel drawes in my teares, gush foorth bloud, instead of teares, yea life and soule, Oh he stayes my tong, I would lift up my hands, but see, they hold them, they hold them.
Divel also noted that all qualified carpenters and craftsman will receive a $1,000 signing bonus after their first ninety days on the job.
some editors with ebony; in "let the Divel weare blacke, for Ile
The teams are defending champions Red Divels, Batelco, Boom, Oilers, Awal, Falcons, Zain Bahrain, Woodpeckers, Sting, Kingdom, Isa Town and the Hearing Impaired team.
5) In their Dialogicall Discourses of Spirits and Divels (1601), the coauthors John Deacon and John Walker make the same singularizing claim about themselves: their letter to the reader recounts how the news of John Darrel's supposed exorcism of William Sommers "did so diversely affect our minds with a diverse and contrary judgment (the one very constantly avouching, the other no less confidently impugning that falsely pretended action)" that their friendship was nearly ruined, till "the favorable assistance of God's holy spirit" led them to "the very truth it self, .