Divine Liturgy

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Divine Liturgy

The Eastern Orthodox Eucharistic rite.


(ˈlɪt ər dʒi)

n., pl. -gies.
1. a form of public worship; ritual.
2. a collection of formularies for public worship.
3. a particular arrangement of services.
4. a particular form or type of the Eucharistic service.
5. the service of the Eucharist, esp. this service (Divine Liturgy) in the Eastern Church.
[1550–60; < Late Latin lītūrgia < Late Greek leitourgía Eucharist, Greek lēitourgía public service =lḗït(on) town hall, derivative of lāós, leṓs people (compare lay3) + -ourgia -urgy]
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The award followed a joint hierarchical divine liturgy at the Church of Ayia Sophia in Strovolos in the morning.
By: Egypt Today staff QALYUBIA -- 28 October 2017: On a Sunday, just before the divine liturgy which starts at 6 a.
George Cathedral in Boston, where Fan Noli celebrated the first Divine Liturgy in the Albanian language in the history of the Orthodox Church, on March 22, 1908.
The community in Iowa has lay-led vespers on Saturdays and monthly Divine Liturgy on Sundays, celebrated on a rotating basis by priests in the Chicago area.
TRABZON (CyHAN)- The Divine Liturgy, marking the Dormition of the Theotokos, was held at the historical SE-mela Monastery in the northern Turkish province of Trabzon on Saturday, with Greek Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I praying for an end to recent violence in the country.
Damascus, SANA -- In honor of the martyrs, the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and All the East on Sunday celebrated the Divine Liturgy in the Mariamite Cathedral in Damascus.
Bulgarian Patriarch Neophyte will hold a divine liturgy together with the Bulgarian metropolitan bishops and the representatives of the other Orthodox churches in the Great Basillica in Pliska.
Pope Francis on Sunday was attending a divine liturgy led by Orthodox Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I, wrapping up his first visit to Turkey where he has sought to reach out both to Muslims and other Christian confessions.
While it is true that the practice of infant Communion fell into disuse during different periods of Church history, since the Second Vatican Council infant Communion in the Eastern Catholic Churches has re-emerged, and the current Code of Canons of the Eastern Churches is clear that Communion is to occur as soon as possible after Baptism, that is, at that service or the very next Divine Liturgy, such as when the Baptism does not occur during the Divine Liturgy or there is no Eucharist reserved (c.
While the eucharistic community, as it prepares to receive the Holy Gifts during every Divine Liturgy, prays:
The baptism ceremony will be conducted during an annual Divine Liturgy on September 8, Anadolu news agency
I enjoyed how Basil's divine liturgy scared the "bejeezus" (17) out of Valens