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He said the students already in receipt of any other stipend and the 3rd divisionary were not eligible.
com issue of October 3, 2013 that a former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman was quoted as saying "Obama plotted to destabilise regimes in Bahrain and Egypt", even though it was belatedly denied by the US Navy and an ambassador whom a significant number of Bahrainis believe is involved in divisionary activities?
The insistence on names, partitioning and divisionary tactics often lead to the pollution and consequent loss of Arcadia.
These were replaced by new banknotes issued by The National Bank of Romania and divisionary coins issued by The Minister of Finance.
The purpose of which was to attack and capture the British naval base at Kingston with a divisionary attack along the Niagara River in order to tie down British forces.
Divisionary and tribal features of Kyrgyz people should be de-emphasized in the history curriculum and more inclusive and pluralist ideas must be emphasized.
Suspicions have now turned into hostility because of President Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an's divisionary and polarizing rhetoric.
1) displays divisionary overview of the processes and impacts on the one part and theory form on the other that influence and establish a set of values in the built environment.
This is not a fallacy that since the day the GEO channel went on air, its controversial gambit has fanned divisionary bodings not only in the national institutions but the Pakistani society as well.
A party with religious associations is not seen as divisionary because the vast majority of Libyans share the same religious beliefs, and see these beliefs as able to accommodate diversity and differences of opinion.
Way forward The thing we hear over again that South Sudan did this or that is just a divisionary.
Each of the pictorial fragments resulting from the initial divisionary cuts is now matched with its inverted double, generating increasingly intensifying, even dizzying prolifera- tions: a quantitative one (in terms of the exponentially progressing number of divisionary cuts and of resulting segments) and a qualitative one--effected by the decreasing width of the mirror symmetries of the vertically sliced pictorial fragments, or bands (which rapidly approach invisibility, the smallest one reaching a liminal width of .
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