Dixie cup

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Dix′ie Cup`

Trademark. a brand of disposable paper cup, as for beverages.
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Noun1.Dixie Cup - a disposable cup made of paperDixie cup - a disposable cup made of paper; for holding drinks
cup - a small open container usually used for drinking; usually has a handle; "he put the cup back in the saucer"; "the handle of the cup was missing"

Dixie cup®

n (US) → Pappbecher m
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At the soup kitchen, we got a Dixie cup of broth and a tiny piece of bread and that was the most food that they had for days.
This week, the Dixie Cup was further rooted in our heritage when the first female recruits at Recruit Training Command were issued their new enlisted white hats as part of the Navy's efforts toward uniformity in service members' uniform.
Or take your Dixie cup hat in your trembling hands, raise your
Georgia-Pacific's Dixie cup and plate manufacturing plants underwent an extensive third-party audit to receive the globally recognized SFI certification, meaning that Dixie products meet the requirements of the SFI[R] Chain of Custody standard.
Art consultant-turned-fishing guide Mitch Bangert was at a coffee shop tasting gourmet coffee in February 2010 when his host gave him a Dixie Cup and said, "Mitch, cup your hand over the back of this as you drink.
I kept my medicine cabinet on stage, in a 14-inch drum head, the bottom of which contained, one Dixie cup with a straw and blow in it and the other with Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels in it.
Day 3: Mark drinks a Dixie cup of sweet tea in a Bedouin tent drumming circle.
has completed a consolidation of the ailing Dixie Cup Employees FCU of Easton.
We left with our doggy bag and a Dixie cup of fish food for the critters outside.
In time, the Individual Drinking Cup Company became the Dixie Cup Corporation.
I'll get you a Dixie cup when we see an ice cream truck.
Here, Sales Rep Lora Harrell borrowed from a fellow traveler contact solution she put in a Dixie cup.