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 (dĭk′sən), Willie 1915-1992.
American musician and songwriter who served as a major figure on the Chicago blues scene.


(Biography) Willie, full name William James Dixon. 1915–92, US blues musician, songwriter, and record producer, whose songs have been recorded by many other artists


(ˈdɪk sən)

Jeremiah, died 1777, English astronomer and surveyor. Compare Mason-Dixon line.
References in classic literature ?
Dixon has persuaded her father and mother to come over and see her directly.
Dixon, and the not going to Ireland, she said, with the insidious design of farther discovery,
Dixon, you could hardly have expected her to be excused from accompanying Colonel and Mrs.
Dixon does not seem in the least backward in any attention.
Bud Dixon would wake up and miss the swag, and would come straight for us, for he ain't afeard of anything or anybody, that man ain't.
Well, I got my boots on, and we went down and slipped in and laid the paper of sugar on the berth, and sat down soft and sheepish and went to listening to Bud Dixon snore.
Dixon was so well pleased with his new name, and appeared to think it so obliging in Mr.
The Dixons also failed to file their individual income tax returns and pay their taxes during that same period.
It was this work that brought the family down from Yorkshire, and at length the Dixons took over the running of the firm.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 15, 2014-Carphone Warehouse and Dixons Retail reach agreement on all-share merger terms
Just last month, the Dixons had made national headlines as the first brother and sister to coach in the NCAA Tournament.
ELECTRICAL giants Dixons are deserting the high street for the internet.