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 (dĭ-yär′bə-kîr′, dē-yär′bŭk-ər)
A city of southeast Turkey on the Tigris River. It was a Roman colony called Amida from ad 230 to 363 and was finally captured by the Ottoman Turks in 1516.


(diːˈjɑːbɛkɪə) or


(Placename) a city in SE Turkey, on the River Tigris: ancient black basalt walls. Pop: 607 000 (2005 est). Ancient name: Amida


(dɪˈyɑr bʌk ər, -ˌyɑr bɑˈkɪər)

a city in SE Turkey in Asia, on the Tigris River. 448,300.
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Petronas In Block 1 Venture: Petronas of Malaysia operates the offshore Block 1, where the Diyarbekir oil and gas field is producing 15,000 b/d of crude oil and about 20 MCF/d of gas mostly associated and partly not associated with the oil output.
Petronas of Malaysia, which has an oil and gas EPSA for the Diyarbekir field (Block 1), estimates this has 5.
It shows how the trade company of the Poche family from the mid-19th century onwards started to expand its network from Aleppo to the rest of the region, as far as Baghdad, Mosul, Harput, Diyarbekir, Urfa, Marai, Mersin, Latakia and Homs.
In the 15 years that followed since the signing of the production sharing agreement, complex seismic and drilling operations have been carried out and large oil and gas fields such as Magtumguly, Ovez, Mashrykov, Diyarbekir and Garagol Deni, where large hydrocarbons reserves were discovered, have been prepared for production.
9) For example, Massoud Barzani's interview of May 1, 2008, on Al-Arabiyya TV threatened to interfere in the Turkish city of Diyarbekir, if Turkey intervened in Kirkuk.
Perwer was born in 1955 in a village between Diyarbekir and Urfa, in Kurdistan Turkey.
Dr Mehmed Reshid, governor of Diyarbekir province, was known to have crucified Armenians and nailed horseshoes to their feet before marching them through the streets.
When describing the province of Diyarbekir, in southeastern Anatolia, in 1525, he noted 'que elles chamam geniceros: espingardeyros, e sam escravos do grao Turco [.