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1. A country of eastern Africa on the Gulf of Aden. Djibouti was a French colony from 1896 until 1946 and a territory from 1946 until its independence in 1977. It was called French Somaliland from 1896 to 1967 and the French Territory of Afars and Issas from 1967 to 1977. Djibouti is the capital and largest city.
2. The capital and largest city of Djibouti, in the southeast part of the country on an inlet of the Gulf of Aden. It was founded by the French in 1888.


(dʒɪˈbuːtɪ) or


1. (Placename) a republic in E Africa, on the Gulf of Aden: a French overseas territory (1946–77); became independent in 1977; mainly desert. Official languages: Arabic and French. Religion: Muslim majority. Currency: Djibouti franc. Capital: Djibouti. Pop: 792 198 (2013 est). Area: 23 200 sq km (8950 sq miles). Former name (until 1977): (Territory of the) Afars and the Issas
2. (Placename) the capital of Djibouti, a port on the Gulf of Aden: an outlet for Ethiopian goods. Pop: 523 000 (2005 est)


(dʒɪˈbu ti)

1. Formerly, French Somaliland , French Territory of the Afars and Issas. a republic in E Africa, on the Gulf of Aden: a former overseas territory of France; gained independence 1977. 447,439; 8960 sq. mi. (23,200 sq. km).
2. the capital of this republic, in the SE part. 290,000.
Dji•bou′ti•an, adj., n.
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Noun1.Djibouti - port city on the Gulf of AdenDjibouti - port city on the Gulf of Aden; the capital and largest city of Djibouti
Afars and Issas, Republic of Djibouti, Djibouti - a country in northeastern Africa on the Somali peninsula; formerly under French control but became independent in 1997
2.Djibouti - a country in northeastern Africa on the Somali peninsulaDjibouti - a country in northeastern Africa on the Somali peninsula; formerly under French control but became independent in 1997
Arab League - an international organization of independent Arab states formed in 1945 to promote cultural and economic and military and political and social cooperation
capital of Djibouti, Djibouti - port city on the Gulf of Aden; the capital and largest city of Djibouti
Horn of Africa, Somali peninsula - a peninsula of northeastern Africa (the easternmost part of Africa) comprising Somalia and Djibouti and Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia
Africa - the second largest continent; located to the south of Europe and bordered to the west by the South Atlantic and to the east by the Indian Ocean
Djiboutian - a native or inhabitant of Djibouti


[dʒɪˈbuːtɪ] NYibuti m
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The small country of Djibouti knows a thing or two about the big foreign investment projects.
Djibouti has been considered as a significant strategic location in the Horn of Africa, with United States, France and Japan already having facilities in the country.
Upon arrival to the venue, the Center's mission was received by the Saudi Ambassador to Djibouti Hassan bin Mohammed Al-Ahmari and the representative of Djibouti's ministry of foreign affairs.
Out of an initial 16 claims put forward by Djibouti against Mr Boreh, the claimants have now abandoned a total of 11 - seven at the start of the trial in London this month and a further four on 22 October 2015.
She noted to the old relations between the two countries in the education field which has included the educational grants and exchange of lecturers, indicating the expansion of the Sudanese higher education institutions have provided opportunity for the admission of students from neighboring African countries, particularly sisterly Djibouti.
Djibouti is trying to position itself on the coast of the Horn of Africa as a regional and international trade centre, capitalising on its locus at the junction of Africa, the Middle East and the Indian Ocean.
WITH THE CONVERGENCE of the global powers in the country, the Djibouti presidency is poised to leverage the presence of its international partners to foster development, and seize the opportunity to expand modern infrastructure.
Air Djibouti appointed Cardiff Aviation following a study which identi-fied key markets for the national carrier based on the needs of landlocked neighbouring countries, and governmental aid programmes around Africa.
Earlier, the plane A-310, which has the capacity of 203 passengers was reached Djibouti at 7:00 AM.
With almost 90% of the population of Djibouti being Muslim, its Islamic Banking Industry has doubled since its inception 5 years ago.
The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation is providing financial support for the project The airports are being built at a combined cost of US$599 million and are expected to transform Djibouti into a regional travel, tourism and business hub for Africa.
Ahmed Osman, Governor of the Central Bank of Djibouti, sat down with Banker Africa to discuss how a small country like Djibouti can grow the Islamic banking sector for Africa.