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 (nē′stər, dnyĕ′-) or Dni·stro (nē′strō, dnyē′-)
A river rising in western Ukraine and flowing about 1,365 km (850 mi) generally southeast through eastern Moldova then back into Ukraine where it empties into the Black Sea near Odessa. It formed the Soviet-Romanian border from 1918 to 1940.


(Placename) a river in E Europe, rising in Ukraine, in the Carpathian Mountains and flowing generally southeast to the Black Sea. Length: 1411 km (877 miles). Russian name: Dnestr Romanian name: Nistru


or Dnes•tr

(ˈni stər; Russ. dnyɛstr)

a river rising in SW Ukraine, flowing SE from the Carpathian Mountains through Ukraine and Moldavia to the Black Sea. ab. 875 mi. (1410 km) long.
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The Georgian war and the recognition of South Ossetian and Abkhaz independence raised fears among former Soviet republics that Russia might also intervene in other separatist conflicts, particularly in Pridnestrovie [Transdniester], wedged between Moldova and Ukraine along the banks of the Dnestr River, and Nagorno-Karabakh, an Armenian enclave within Azerbaijan.
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As the authors admit, the interwar period is somewhat over-represented and only three essays cover the postcommunist era: on postcommunist museums such as the "House of Terror" in Budapest, on treatment of monuments to the socialist past in post-1989 Bulgaria, and a look at the Internet site of the "Transdnistrian Dnestr Republic" that continues to proclaim its independence despite international disapproval.
Immediately after proclaiming independence in 1991, the eastern part of the country along Dnestr River, Pridnestrye, refused to respect the central authorities in Kishinov, and the region is effectively outside the law.
The match is being played in the capital Chisinau after being switched from Tiraspol, the capital of Moldova's breakawy Dnestr region.
The council, chaired by the head of the Eastern-rite Ukrainian Catholic church, Cardinal Lubomyr Husar of Lviv, said the Soviet regime had refused help for famine-afflicted regions and had instead "deliberately worsened their situation" by confmcatingfood and crops and turning back from western Russia any who tried to cross the' Dnestr River into Romania.