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n.1.(Zool.) See Dabchick.
2.A float to a fishing line.
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Each of the team positioned themselves in separate boxes and were sat behind a desk with their Bingo Card and a dobber and were told they had to keep playing until they completed a full house.
Tiggy, tiggy on high, stick in the mud, hitchy dobber (hopscotch to some), stot the ha'penny, dodgeball, marbles, knocky nine doors and conkers.
It was officially the first sight of Balls and a dobber together on Channel 4 since the last episode of Eurotrash.
XXXXX WEBB ANGELA You were my twin, That no one could part, And now you have left me, You have broken my heart, Good night God bless, Dobber All our love always.
In fact, when the cards plopped on the mat courtesy of a little dib dib dobber on the other side of the door I sat on the stairs and sighed.
Descartes intends to make use of Impatex's logistics community and UK compliance solutions, while at the same time providing the latter's own clients with access to the Canadian group's own logistics management portfolio, Richard Dobber of Descartes stated.
Gold: Beeston - On the huh (Norfolk); Silver: Marble - Dobber (Greater Manchester); Bronze: Castle Rock - Screech Owl (Nottingham) SPECIALITY BEERS.
15 La traviata Verdi C: Noseda; Poplavskaya, Polenzani, Dobber Jan.
Rust from old iron parts was mixed with a milky paste, forming a red liquid to dobber on barns.
You'll find it easier with a dobber," smiled Jean Tennant, who had already notched up several small wins by the time I arrived at Club Rialto in Coundon, Coventry.