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A trademark for guitars and banjos, especially a guitar that is laid flat on its back and played chiefly with a slide.


n, pl -bros
(Instruments) trademark an acoustic guitar having a metal resonator built into the body


(ˈdoʊ broʊ)
Trademark. a brand of acoustic guitar having a metal resonator cone that produces a tremulous sound.
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Semeadura cruzada com populacao em dobro e adubacao recomendada
O comprimento das camaras foi de 9,7 [+ or -] 5,2cm para o padrao, 7,9 [+ or -] 4,6cm para metade de fungo, 9,3 [+ or -] 3,9cm para dobro de fungo (ANOVA, F337=13,370, P < 0,001).
Recorded in Birmingham - they learned the tricks of the trade last time out in Nashville, and brought them home - Hannah takes lead vocal duties, with sister Sophia on hot guitar and dad Stewart on pedal steel, banjo and dobro.
On the show, Aniston revealed that she was learning to sing and play a dobro for an upcoming film role, which gave the funny host to ask the actress to sing.
Ovaj CD i cjelokupan projekt zasluzuju samo pohvalu i bilo bi dobro da ovakav uradak posluzi kao primjer svima kojima je stalo (ili bi trebalo stati) do ocuvanja manje ili vise ugrozenih jezika ili dijalekata koji se govore u Hrvatskoj.
The fiddle is the core instrument featured, but Economy class draws upon a wide variety of acoustic instruments from the mandolin and cittern to a Finnish bagpipe, a jaw harp, and even a dobro.
Using classic American folk instruments--including dobro, acoustic guitar and mandolin--the musicians play songs that comment on the action.
Drums and dobro is an intriguing combination, like rice pudding and pickled onions.
On tonight's show Grammy Award-winner Jerry Douglas will demonstrate his dobro skills.
The Nashville-based guitar maker currently offers lessons for guitar, drums, banjo, bass, dobro and mandolin in potentially 15 musical styles at one of three different skill levels.
The instrumental sound is roots country--lots of acoustic guitars and pedal steel, some dobro and fiddle.
Besides Wurlitzer, the company's family of brands includes Epiphone, Dobro, Valley Arts and Kramer.