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A trademark for guitars and banjos, especially a guitar that is laid flat on its back and played chiefly with a slide.


n, pl -bros
(Instruments) trademark an acoustic guitar having a metal resonator built into the body


(ˈdoʊ broʊ)
Trademark. a brand of acoustic guitar having a metal resonator cone that produces a tremulous sound.
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Dave Pegg and PJ Wright, Norwegian Church Arts Centre, Cardiff, Thursday Fairport Conventioneer Pegg and folkie mainstay Wright bring their guitars, bouzoukis, mandolin, dobros, harmonicas and bass to the fore.
But collaborators Phideaux Xavier and Rich Hutchins whip up a charming '70s progrock pastiche, including cellos, dobros, choral singing, and a sly wink.
Trampoline,'' is a departure from Henry's earlier works, which were centered strongly on lyrics and set in and among the instruments of country, rock and folk - dobros and steel guitars, mandolins and piano.
The walls are lined with instruments for sale: banjos, mandolins, fiddles, dobros, dulcimers and guitars.
With help from guitarist and co-writer David Rawlings, Welch weaves her tales around Burnett's stark production and sparse instrumentation (mostly dobros, guitars and upright bass).
With help from guitarist and co-writer David Rawlings, Welch has fashioned a collection of haunting material that benefits from sparse instrumentation consisting mostly of dobros, guitars and acoustic bass.
Gibson's famous electric guitars, acoustic guitars, mandolins, banjos and Dobros, plus strings and other Gibson merchandise -- Epiphone instruments and amplifiers -- The new handmade guitars from Valley Arts -- MaGIC -- Revolutionary new technology from Gibson Labs that makes makes ordinary Ethernet cable act like a supercable -- The world's first digital guitar, which features MaGIC technology -- The Indestructibles -- new stage speakers and amplifiers from Gibson Labs -- Baldwin and Ellington pianos -- grands and upright models
Gibson brand guitars, as well as banjos, mandolins, and dobros, are designed and manufactured in plants in Nashville, Tennessee, and Bozeman, Montana.