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n.1.(Chem.) Any one of a group of thick oily hydrocarbons, C12H26, of the paraffin series.
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Effective flotation of lignite using a mixture of dodecane and 4-dodecyl-phenol (ddp) as a collector.
Of the 3 chemicals that were classified as non-irritants in the Draize test, only dodecane was classified correctly in all 3 test laboratories.
Category Main components Aromatic hydrocarbons Ethylbenzene, 1,3-dimethyl benzene, 1-methylene lH-indene, butylated hydroxy toluene, 1-methylnaphthalene, 2-methylnaphthalene Alkanes Undecane, dodecane, tridecane, tetradecane, pentadecane, hexadecane, 2,6,10-trimethyl dodecyl, 4-(prop-2 loxypropangl)octane, 2,6-dimethyl decane Alkenes 2-Propenylidene cyclobutene, cedrene, Seychelles alkene Aldehydes and ketones Hexanal, nonanal, benzaldehyde, acetophenone, undecanal Esters Butyl butyrate, 3-methyl heptanol acetate, 2 acrylic acid 2 ethylhexyl ester, oxalic acid acrylate Others TV-butyl ether
In another study against Phytoplasma pathogenicity indicated metabolite changes caused in leaves and phloem sap leading to change in quantity of various compounds along with the following mentioned eicosane, tetradecane, 5-methyltetradecane, heneicosane, heptadecane, dodecane, hexatriacontane, pentatriacontane, tetrapentacontane, Tetratetracontane and 3,7-dimethyldecane (Gai et.
No correlation was found to exist between the contact angle of water or dodecane and stain repellency to nine different household chemicals.
Dodecane, naphthalene, p-xylene, 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene, kerosene and camphene have been used to dissolve UHMWPE [7, 11-17], These UHMWPE solutions exhibit a thermo-reversible gelation behavior due to crystallization of polyethylene upon cooling; however, fibers obtained by gel spinning with the aforementioned solutions exhibit tensile strength usually less than 3 GPa.
Aliphatic unbranched and branched long chain hydrocarbons from dodecane to tetracosane form the last important compound group.
Among them the liquid alkanes (undecane dodecane tridecane tetradecane pentadecane hexadecane heptadecane etc.
Waterproof mascara contains a paraffin derivative called dodecane that repels moisture and can only be removed with a solvent.
Dodecane was added to the rinse solution in order to establish an instrument signal response relative to detected impurity response.
1) b-Phellandrene (2) Toluene (3) Iso-orientin (4) Nonane (5) 6-C-p-ydroxybenzoylvitexin (6) Ethylbenzene (7) Citrullol (8) 2-Propenoic acid, butyl ester (9) latericin B (10) Undecane (11) a-sphinosterol (12) Dodecane (13) Octadecane (14) Tridecane (15) Heptadecane (16) Hentriactone (17) Tetradecane (18) 9,12-Octadecadi enoicacid[7,7] (19) Elaterin (20) n-Hexadecanoic acid
Density, Refractive Index, Viscosity, and Speed of Sound in Binary Mixtures of Cyclohexanone with Hexane, Heptane, Octane, Nonane, Decane, Dodecane, and 2,2,4-Trimethylpentane, Journal of Chemical and Engineering Data, 44, 435-440.