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 (dŏj′sən), Charles Lutwidge Pen name Lewis Car·roll (kăr′əl) 1832-1898.
British mathematician and writer. His stories about Alice, invented to amuse the young daughter of a friend, appear in the classics Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1872).


(Biography) Charles Lutwidge (ˈlʌtwɪdʒ). the real name of Lewis Carroll. See Carroll


(ˈdɒdʒ sən)

Charles Lutwidge ( “Lewis Carroll” ), 1832–98, English mathematician and writer of children's books.
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Noun1.Dodgson - English authorDodgson - English author; Charles Dodgson was an Oxford don of mathematics who is remembered for the children's stories he wrote under the pen name Lewis Carroll (1832-1898)
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Dodgson was born in 1832, the third of 11 children, to a Christian clergyman.
1864: Charles Dodgson presented a little girl called Alice Liddell with a story she had inspired him to write.
And we told the tragic story of Lee Alan Dodgson, who came through Iraq and Afghanistan without injury, only for mental wounds to claim his life.
The author, whose real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, studied at Rugby School for three years from 1846.
Alan Hannah dress Bridesmaids/flower girls: Ashleigh Dodgson, Madeleine Brown, Joanna Bailes, Ellen Harvey and Katie Greene and flower girls were Ava Jackson, Lily Buttery and Abigail Dodgson.
Originally entitled Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this 1865 novel was written by English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, who published the book under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll.
1864: Charles Dodgson presented a little girl called Alice Liddell, above, with story she had inspired him to write.
WINNER MARINA DODGSON MUM-OF-THREE Marina Dodgson has helped raise an incredible PS50,000 for the region's sick and premature babies after she started selling second-hand baby clothes and toys five years ago.
Director of cleaning supplies at the firm, Matt Dodgson, said: "The new Bio Tech paper is revolutionary technology.
In recent years, following the unearthing of scores of prurient photos of young girls which some say were taken by the author, born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, he's been dubbed the "Victorian Jimmy Savile".
Thankfully, for the purposes of literary creation, the times of mid-Victorian Oxford were rather different and Dodgson was able to embark on his obsessive photographing of Alice Liddell, set to become the most famous little girl in the entire canon of English literature.
And in the last seventeen years, Dodgson said,"I think that Palestine has done a lot more for British theatre practitioners than we could everdo for them.