Dog lichen

(Bot.) a kind of lichen (Peltigera canina) growing on earth, rocks, and tree trunks, - a lobed expansion, dingy green above and whitish with fuscous veins beneath.

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One interesting oddball is the dog lichen, a leafy-looking organism that's actually a three-way team-up between an alga, a bacterium and a fungus, all working together to ensure mutual survival.
The problem is a form of lichen called dog lichen (Peltigera spps) that occurs in patches on lawns when there is very poor drainage and surface compaction and treatment with proprietary herbicides will have little or no effect.
The substance you describe is almost certainly dog lichen.
After cutting, check the lawn over for moss, dog lichen, wet areas and other signs of bad drainage.
7 Does your lawn have moss, algal slime and dog lichen on it for much of the year?
If you add the mosses, algae, dog lichen and at least six different toadstool species that appear at various times of the year you can begin to see why, after 24 years of this diverse natural mix building up, I am now loath to attempt to clean up my act and turn my lawn into the pristine greensward that the books say I should have.
Now, there is a permanent wet spot in the middle of their lawn area, with coarse grasses coming in along with huge amounts of moss and buttercups, despite using proprietary moss and weed killers every spring, and patches of grey-brown dog lichen are spreading at an alarming rate.