Dogger Bank

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Dog·ger Bank

 (dô′gər, dŏg′ər)
An extensive sandbank of the central North Sea between Great Britain and Denmark. It is a major breeding ground for fish.

Dogger Bank

(Placename) an extensive submerged sandbank in the North Sea between N England and Denmark: fishing ground

Dog′ger Bank′

(ˈdɔ gər, ˈdɒg ər)
a shoal in the North Sea, between N England and Denmark: fishing grounds.
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On the second night she shifted her ballast into the lee bow, and by that time we had been blown off somewhere on the Dogger Bank.
After crossing the bridge we turn right along Dogger Bank and then take another right hand turn into Newgate Street past the Church of St.
With owners EDF Energy Renewables currently establishing O&M facilities and permanent offices within the port, the project is set to highlight the port's excellent location for similar O&M wind farm support for major opportunities at Dogger Bank and other Round 3 wind farm zones.
We aim to deliver the same again through both the Dogger Bank and Seagreen offshore wind projects and hope that similar economic benefits will be replicated across the UK offshore wind industry.
The island was set to be constructed on Dogger Bank, a sandbank situated between Denmark and the United Kingdom.
The largest known UK quake was near Dogger Bank in the North Sea in 1931 at 6.
Accordingly, Papworth plc is now registered on Rockall and all my assets, such as they are, are held in a trust with the Dogger Bank who should, in future, be applied to for settlement of any of my bills, tax or otherwise.
If the Mono Bucket is successful, then these revolutionary supports could make a big contribution to the success of the wind-turbine arrays to be constructed on the Dogger Bank, and hence also to the UK renewable energy programme and the economy.
At the battle of Dogger Bank on January 24, 1915, squadrons of the British Grand Fleet and the German High Seas Fleet clashed in the North Sea.
the German fleet was to come off worse in the naval encounters of the first 18 months of war, with British victories at Trinidade off Brazil, at the Battle of the Falklands, and, in January 1915, at the Battle of Dogger Bank where a German raiding party was surprised and pursued.
It hit Dogger Bank, 60 miles offshore, but damaged buildings on England's East Coast
The ghost of the area will be familiar to listeners of the Shipping Forecast as Dogger Bank, a sandbank in a shallow area of the North Sea.