n.1.Docket. See Docket.
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And, according to chairman Dave Dogget, this welcome windfall will help revamp their ageing Abbey Stadium - which includes plans to upgrade the toilets - a worthy reward for Manchester United's piss-poor performance on Friday night then.
Lloyd Dogget, D-Austin, defeated Republican Susan Narvaiz
In a well-reasoned and impassioned analysis, Justice Dogget, writing on behalf of two other members of the Supreme Court of Texas, described the Moreno majority's decision as "[a]n exercise in somnambulism," accusing it of "merely sleepwalk[ing] through the law, reciting the rule that there was no cause of action for death at common law but not engaging in conscious thought.
The second Appeal for the Protection of the Lord High Chamberlain against the injustice of a Patentee, in the Year 1708, has been before alluded to, and not only occasioned the Allowance of Authority to Wilks, Cibber, [and] Dogget, the chief of the complaining Actors, to establish a separate Company, but also caused a Suspension of the Patent which had been converted to the Purpose of persevering Oppression.
Lloyd Dogget, D-Texas, responding to President Bush's explanation of the financial crisis as "Wall Street got drunk and has a hangover"
4 2 0 Tackles for loss Darlin 2-15, Siegert 2-6, Smith 1-10, Coker 1-5, Van Orsow 1-5, Dogget 1-4, LaRocque 1-1, Piscitelli 1-1, Hughes 1-1.
Dogget (1975) estimated yield losses ranging from 20 to 95% for sorghum and millet in S.
SOME of us who attended St Patricks RC, Dudley Road, Birmingham, 1956/1957, would like to hear from friends such as Alan Loffman, Terry Tierney, Micky Lawton, Bobby McKenner, Paddy Burns, Kathy Short, Ann Dogget, Anita Seal, Margaret Kearns, Eileen Bunting and anyone else I have forgotten.
After more than a decade, Congress has yet to pass the legislation required before American citizens, including Gulf War veterans, can collect on their claims against the Iraqi funds," Dogget said.
Comenzo la novena temporada de la serie "Archivos X" en Estados Unidos con la agente Scully (y su hijo), el agente Dogget (Robert Patrick) y la agente Reyes (Anabeth Gish) y por supuesto Skinner.
As he breaks in newbie X-Files investigator Dogget, played by Robert Patrick, he is determined find out the truth about Scully's soon-to-be-born baby.