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n.1.(Zool.) See Lepidosiren.
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Strains isolated in the Kintinian subprefecture clustered in lineage I; those isolated in the Doko subprefecture clustered in lineage II (Figure 2, panel A).
She is the President of the Management Board of the "Endowment of Milivoje Jovanovic and Luka Celovic", as well as a member of the Management Board of the "Endowment of Doko Vlajkovic".
Metropolitan transportation is also one of the areas where we are (eyeing to) expand, said Tatsuo Doko, corporate representative for Asia at Toshiba Corp.
Ochollo, Dorze, Dita, Doko and Ezo were some of the pre-1898 autonomous political units.
Hochstadetr H Bekavac-Beslin M Doko M Kopljar M Cupic H Glavan E et al.
Annual Report, W-CARP Japan (youth division of the Unification Church), Seishonen Mondai Doko Hokokusho [Report: Trend in youth issues], 2005.
The party assigned Nafi Doko as coordinator of PDSH's Struga organization.
Sela and Elmazi have been ousted because they failed to respect PDSH's statuteand the new members in the leadership are Nafi Doko and Zija Jonuzi," the press-release reads.
Toshio Doko was the industrial leader who restructured Ishikawajima-Harima Industries (IHI), once the world's largest shipbuilder, and also Toshiba; and he also served for several years as chairman of Keidanren, the association of Japanese big businesses.
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] Tezuka Osamu wa doko ni iru, 1992), two chapters of which appear here in translation, was one of the first to identify (and challenge) the "mythologizing discourse characterizing Tezuka as a sort of postwar 'god'" (90); rather, through careful formal analysis, Natsume reveals Tezuka less as an originator than inheritor--an important one, to be sure--of visual trends in the making since at least the Meiji era.
Siu procesu kontekste istoriniai pramonines architekturos objektai buvo konvertuojami, suteikiant jiems naujas, neretai kulturines funkcijas, kaip antai zymi Alberto doko konversija i Tate galerija Liverpulyje, o kulturiniai, antai baznycios, katedros ar istoriniai anklavai praturtinami viesuju rysiu ir komunikacijos metodais.
We figured out a few phrases and words, such as where is the elevator (Erebeita-wa doko desuka).