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n.1.(Zool.) See Lepidosiren.
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On the other hand, the media reporting of each and every violent encounter is dramatized by the story of the Maoists' cadres' use of Doko (woven basket of bamboo) to carry their fallen comrades over the stiff mountain terrain and leaving the beheaded bodies of dead comrades after violent encounters with the security forces.
nail, sand, stones, signboard , first aid box, big hammer, ramba big and small , doko per piece namlo per piece, farua , karai , karni , karai , belcha saw medium size axe bucket , jug line suta , becha , dori , bending wire.
Dhimitraq Doko, 44, of 46 Midley Lane, Worcester, charged with assault and battery, continued to Sept.
I very much wanted to include Doko Toshio or industrial policy gurus, like Arisawa Hiromi or Sahashi Shigeru.
The gruelling test they call the Doko run would probably kill any ordinary man, but this is what 18-year-old Bikash Gurung must do if he wants to serve Britain as a Gurkha.
Doko Media today released the first version of Unlocking the Bible Codes software, a multi-media CD-ROM that examines the Old Testament and provides users with mystical insight into past and present events predicted in the words of the Bible.
The 6'5" Dublin totem is hoping to use those extra inches to illuminate the night skies over Lansdowne Road - and force Doko Hadzievsk's invading force to capitulate.
A joint venture project between mine operator, Randgold Resources holding 45% stake, AngloGold Ashanti with 45% and Congolese parastatal, Sokimo with 10% stake, Kibali is situated near Doko, in the north eastern Orientale province.
TM) -- The World's First Global Trading Game: Lets kids collect, trade and track Doko disks, play games, network and watch where their Doko travel across the globe while communicating safely with each other through the Dokodrop.
Also named an Alliance scholar is Aldo Doko, a 2002 Hartford Public High graduate, who is transferring to UConn from Capital Community College.
The party assigned Nafi Doko as coordinator of PDSH's Struga organization.
Sela and Elmazi have been ousted because they failed to respect PDSH's statuteand the new members in the leadership are Nafi Doko and Zija Jonuzi," the press-release reads.