jade plant

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jade′ plant`

a succulent S African shrub, Cassula argentea, of the stonecrop family, with small oval leaves.
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The multi-million dollar plant will receive and ship product from nine truck bays plus five used in an existing tray packing line, an ice plant for filling crates of corn with ice and will also include offices for sales and shipping operations.
The money plant--also known as a silver dollar, dollar plant, penny flower, or moneywort--is often referred to as honesty.
3-billion dollar plant, which is expected to have a power generation capacity of 6,000 MW of electricity, will create a surplus of power to export.
1 billion dollar plant received only 9% of its gas allocation in a blatant violation of its water tight gas contract with SNGPL.
The first phase of the multi-billion dollar plant located in Ras Laffan Industrial City was completed in 2010 and the second phase was initially scheduled to start in April 2011.
From 2011, the state-of-the-art, one-billion dollar plant in Chattanooga will commence production of a model developed specially for the North American market.
The ORYXE Energy low emission diesel additive is produced at the company's new multi-million dollar plant in Pasadena, Texas.
This provided not only experience, but a few adventures as well: "Morgan had a big privatization; they were selling a half a billion dollar plant in Colombia.
In July 1957, he undertook a new project on "synthetic natural rubber" for the Goodyear Company, helping to develop a process for which a multi-million dollar plant was constructed.
Just five miles away stands the greenfield, multimillion dollar plant where Modine assembles and provides engine powertrain cooling modules.
will build a 400 million dollar plant in Lincoln, Alabama, to produce sport-utility vehicles and minivans as well as engines.
If the city can convince Federal authorities the water will be protected, it may not have to build such a billion dollar plant.