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adv. & adj. Music
In a mournful or plaintive manner. Used chiefly as a direction.

[Italian, from Latin dolōrōsus, dolorous; see dolorous.]


adj, adv
(Classical Music) music (to be performed) in a sorrowful manner
[Italian: dolorous]
References in classic literature ?
Why, madam, you've never been in bed this blessed night," burst out Tantripp, looking first at the bed and then at Dorothea's face, which in spite of bathing had the pale cheeks and pink eyelids of a mater dolorosa.
She was well aware that directly Mrs Neale received her money she went round the corner to drink ardent spirits in a mean and musty public-house - the unavoidable station on the VIA DOLOROSA of her life.
Jews make their way down to the Western Wall along David Street from the Jaffa Gate or down Tariq Al Wad from the Damascus Gate, which they share with large groups of Christians who retrace the route of Jesus' final day along the Via Dolorosa, which crosses Tariq Al Wad in the middle of the Muslim Quarter, walking around the groups of Muslims heading for Al Haram Al Sharif.
Address : Avenida 12, costado sur de la Iglesia La Dolorosa,
On April 12 three years ago, I left my hostel on Jerusalem's Via Dolorosa, turned a sharp left and walked past the Baths of Bethesda, then out through the Lions' Gate.
The three papers reported on President Mahmoud Abbas congratulating Christians of Palestine on Easter and reiterating that Via Dolorosa is part of our path towards liberation.
Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, community leaders expressed concerns that Israeli restrictions will prevent them from celebrating Easter this week, beginning with the Good Friday procession in Jerusalem, where thousands flock to walk along Via Dolorosa - the path believed to have been walked by Jesus before his crucifixion.
He was a parishioner of the former Mater Dolorosa Church and the Immaculate Conception Church in Holyoke.
The opening dolorosa was handsomely executed, and gave an early indication of the quality of the quartet of soloists whose voices blended together in satisfyingly harmonious fashion, albeit with Rebeka's powerhouse soprano occasionally weighing in heavily against mezzo Silvia tro Santafe.
The Via Dolorosa, or 'Way of Sorrows,' is said to be the path Jesus took on his way to crucifixion.
believes that the site may not become the new holy site for pilgrims just as soon and may not even have any major implications on the route of Via Dolorosa.
Pictured is Ignaz Gunther's limewood Mater Dolorosa of around 1765-75.