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n.1.(Law) Evil intent, embracing both malice and fraud. See Culpa.
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Because, though you yourself may have meant nothing but what was innocent, your words may have suggested something less innocent to the evil minds of your hearers; and then the law steps in, and calls it dolus eventualis, and everybody says how dreadful, and off you go to prison and are punished as you deserve to be.
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All five judges agreed that Judge Thokozile Masipa was wrong in her application of the legal principle of dolus eventualis.
Justice Leach added: "The accused's conviction and sentence of count one are set aside and replaced with the following: 'Guilty of murder, with the accused having had criminal intent in the form of dolus eventualis.
Legal experts say the prosecution is likely to appeal against the judge's interpretation and application of the principle of dolus eventualis--awareness of the likely outcome of an action--when she acquitted the sprinter of the murder charge.
In this book, the authors excellently explain the possibility of establishing the dolus specialis (the special intent) to commit genocide in Darfur's particular case.
The results we present here for salt marsh-inhabiting planthoppers (Prokelisia dolus and P.
dolus (Wilson 1982; Heady and Wilson 1990) are restricted to coastal salt marshes, where they feed exclusively on cordgrass (Spartina) (Denno et al.
dolus, are native residents of the intertidal marshes along the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific coasts of North America where they feed and develop exclusively on cordgrass (Spartina) (Denno et al.
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The spirit of the legal principle dolus eventualis says you must be found guilty of murder.
While Masipa ruled that prosecutors had failed to prove explicit premeditation to kill Steenkamp - a decision that had been anticipated by many legal experts - she also cleared Pistorius of murder dolus eventualis.