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See also Anne Shaver, "Rereading Mirabella," Spenser Studies 9 (1988): 209-29; Mallette, Spenser and the Discourses, 189; and Jeff Dolven, Scenes of Instruction in Renaissance Romance (U.
Ellen Altfest, Ivan Andersen, Georg Baselitz, Anna Bjerger, Per Inge Bjorlo, Sonja Lieebaek Christensen, AK Dolven, Poul Gernes, and Olof Olson
4) Read this way, the Calender thus anticipates the kind of resistance to the Mulcastrean classroom that Jeff Dolven (2007) identifies as central to the 1596 Faerie Queene's revision and critique of the 1590 Faerie Queene's didactic agenda.
IKON GALLERY, OOZELLS SQUARE, BRINDLEY PLACE, BIRMINGHAM: Please Return, painting, installation and film by Norwegian artist AK Dolven.
Last season, when Tale Dolven joined in the hour-long duet with De Keersmaeker--which Rosas has toured for the last three years--her movements were sharp, yet mysteriously cloudy.
Jeff Dolven, Scenes of Instruction in Renaissance Romance (2007) and Lynn Enterline, Shakespeare's Schoolroom: Rhetoric, Discipline, Emotion (2012) are two of the more recent and impressive studies of the creative resistance of some famous Elizabethan pupils--including Sidney, Spenser, and Shakespeare--to their masters.
Ben Dolven, Specialist in Asian Affairs (bdolven@crs.
Carter eventually takes the bait, interpreting Hollander's borrowed stanza form as a rhetorical concept to be worked out musically: how to capture "the problem of objective succession and subjective experience," as Jeff Dolven describes it in a companion essay.
Dolven and a Tower Room tribute to Robert Groves, the artist who gave Ikon its name in 1964.
Zamakona Yards (Canary Islands Division) has inked a commercial agreement with Dolven Maritime Agency to promote the interests and goodwill of our firm for work of repair and conversion of ships, offshore projects and fabrications of heavy structure.
Jennifer Clarvoe Has won the McGinnis-Ritchie Award for nonfiction, for her essay "Half-Lives and Vanishing Points: Carpaccio's Hunting on the Logoon" (Volume 95, number 1 & 2) and Jeff Dolven Has won the McGinnis-Ritchie Award for nonfiction, for his essay "Styles of Disjunction" (Volume 95, number 1 & 2)
Dolven (2002) reported that the average Chinese manufacturer keeps goods in a warehouse for 51 days, with over two per cent damage in shipment, while some international LSPs operating in China, such as APL, expressed concerns about logistics security.