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(Placename) the German name for the Danube


(ˈdæn yub)

a river in central and SE Europe, flowing E from S Germany to the Black Sea. 1725 mi. (2775 km) long. German, Donau. Hungarian, Duna. Czech and Slovak, Dunaj. Romanian, Dunărea.
Dan•u′bi•an, adj.
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From Oberkreuzberg, January 21st, the DONAU ZEITUNG receives a long account of a crime, which we shortened as follows: In Rametuach, a village near Eppenschlag, lived a young married couple with two children, one of which, a boy aged five, was born three years before the marriage.
He leaned over the bulwarks of the Donau as the American passengers crossed the plank--the travellers who embark at Southampton are mainly of that nationality--and curiously, indifferently, vaguely, through the smoke of his cigar, saw them absorbed in the huge capacity of the ship, where he had the agreeable consciousness that his own nest was comfortably made.
ADPnews) - Aug 9, 2010 - Donau Versicherung, a subsidiary of Vienna Insurance Group (WBAG:VIG), has registered a decrease of premium income from vehicle insurance in the first half of 2010, daily Kurier wrote today.